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Patch Collections Are Valuable

I want to remind everyone today that patch collections are valuable. In fact they are probably more valuable than you realize. Unfortunately though some collectors who have been collecting for decades end up giving their collections away, or selling it for a fraction of what it is worth after they decide to stop collecting. I want to warn people against this, because you are devaluing the market price for patches for everyone, and also missing out on a big sum of cash for yourself. Furthermore, you are giving your prized collection often to people who don’t understand their true value, or appreciate them for all they are worth.

In fact a friend of mine recently sold his collection, which mind you was very large, for a small fortune. He really took pride in his collection and understood their potential value, so he made sure he got the market value for the collection, and sold it to someone who truly understands their value. He spent more time than many want to, and sold many of them individually on ebay, however it really paid off. He took the cash that he sold his collection for and used it to move to Colorado and to purchase a hot tub in Fort Collins where he ended up settling down. My friend said the hot tub dealer gave him a great deal on the jacuzzi, but mind you, hot tubs typically sell for around $10,000.

I’m not suggesting that your collection is worth thousands of dollars. It took my friend almost three decades to accumulate his collection and he was rather obsessed with the hobby. So I don’ think many people have collections quite of this magnitude, but I would bet that your collection is worth more than you think. Read More…

Upcoming Shows (North America)

There are a lot of great upcoming shows all throughout North America. Whether you want to road trip to all of them, or make a trip to one thats close to your neck of the woods, here they are for you. I have not laid out all the details of the events, so if you want more information simply Google the name of the event and you should be able to locate the details of the event. All the shows will have police patches, and should have military and firefighter patches as well. This is not all the upcoming shows where you will be able to find great patches, but simply some ones that I wanted to highlight. If you have any questions, or are having trouble locating the details on a specific show, please feel free to contact me.


31st Northern California Law Enforcement Collectors Show (10/01/2016)

@ Ripon City Community Center (9am – 2pm)


Altona Manitoba Police Show (10/16/2016)

@ W.C. Miller Collegiate, 181-6th St. SE, Altona, Manitoba


Waterloo Regional Police Collectors Show (10/29/2016)

@Waterloo Regional Police Association Building (9am – 1pm)


SouthEast Patch and Badge Trade show (11/12/16)

@ Gresham Gymnasium at Georgia Baptist Conference Center, 4243 U.S. Highway 319, Norman Park, GA 31771 (9am -3pm)


Montreal Area Show (11/12/2016)

@ Champlain College Saint-Lambert
900 Rue Riverside, Saint-Lambert
Quebec J4P 3P2 (9am -3pm)


The Porky Show Police & Fire Annual Memorabilia Show (1/21/2017)

@ Claremont, CA

Fairfax Regional Badge & Patch Show 11/5/16

The Fairfax Regional Badge & Patch Show is right around the corner. The Event will be held Saturday November 5th at the Fairfax County Police Association Hall. Everything kicks off at 10AM and will go to 3PM. If you are planning to have a table at the event set up time begins at 9am and a table cost $20. To Reserve a table contact the Fairfax County Police Association fcpashow@aol.com.

For Guests this is a fun show that should have a good turn out. Definitely a show worth making a drive for, should be a lot of great collectible patches, and some avid collectors to meet and trade with. Entry is only 5$ and includes a spouse, and children. Turn out should be mostly collectors but you should run in into some guys and gals who currently or previously were in uniform too.

Hope to see you there.


Private Collection

Hey all, I just wanted to reach out and let those collectors in the Phoenix area know that a West Coast Collector will be putting his large private collections on display in Phoenix next weekend (Sept 10-12) at his office in Mesa AZ. The gentlemen has been collecting for over 20 years, so you can bet that there will be some great patches to see and purchase. From what it sounds like, he will be liquidating most of his collection in order to donate the proceeds to a local non-profit and focus his energy on his new plumbing company in Mesa. He has some rare patches that I believe he wants to get back on the market and free them from being buried in his basement.

You will see private collectors do this from time-to-time and it is one of the best opportunities to grab some hard to find patches. Whether people are simply getting out of collecting, need to down size their collection or are trying to generate some cash, you will find some great deals on collectibles. He has not stated what all will be there, but there is reason to believe there will be some great collectibles. I spoke to a gentlemen who has seen this collection first hand and he said there is very few collections as big as this one. Again, I don’t know if the whole collection will be for sell and trade but it does sound like a large majority will be.

I would bring patches to trade, but it sounds like a large majority will be for sale and not negotiable for trade, being that he wants to slim down his collection.

Get here early if you plan to attend, because more times than not these type of sales are better at the beginning. Often times people get less and less lenient withe their prices as they see their collection dwindle. Perhaps this will not be the case here, but you are sure to have first pick if you arrive early.

For more information regarding this event contact me directly. There has not been a great deal of informations posted about this event and I will do my best to update my viewers based on what I learn.

Stay Tuned.