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Aviation Luxury’s

This site primarily is for the collection and memorabilia of aviation and police pieces. Collecting can be  a time consuming and expensive, yet extremely rewarding hobby. Much of what you read or see on this site are items from the past…what once was, and is now valuable because of time and the significance of the items.

The airline industry really represents the ‘Golden Age’ of travel. It opened up the doors, or the sky, to a whole new level of optimism and freedom, as well as luxury. There is a big interest in obtaining a piece of that that once was, and with good reason.

We thought it would be interesting to talk about a few things are currently new luxuries in the aviation industry, and that may one day become collector’s pieces themselves. The style in which people travel has changed dramatically. The aircraft’s main objective remains the same, getting from pint A to B via a piece of equipment suspended in air, but the additions to air travel have changed, both internally and externally. The major changes come in the form of luxury travel. Economy travel, although mot as extravagant as the Golden Age of travel, still has it’s new luxuries as well.

  1. Personal Suites
  2. Hot Tubs (crazy right)
  3. Personal Mini TV’s/Computers (economy travel)
  4. Large personal TV’s/Computers (luxury travel)
  5. Beds…Seats that transform into beds (Air New Zealand)
  6. Luxury seats. Custom made furniture by well known furniture manufacturers)
  7. Gourmet Cuisine
  8. Massage Therapists
  9. A Gym (Air Force One)
  10. Aircraft personalization/commercialization ( airplane wraps….forget paint, people are getting crazy with vinyl wraps!). You no longer have to just paint you plane. You can wrap an airplane in vinyl. Thinking to get married from a plane? Get the bride and groom’s name installed on you plane…and easy to remove….crazy!

Air travel has been taken to the next level, and companies will continue to improve what they can offer. Air Travel in the Golden age of travel created an experience while you were getting from one place to the next. Air Travel today is allows people to literally live in the air, if they so choose. Technology advancements and improvements have awarded the industry and travelers many extensive luxuries that have transformed the way people travel.

Many of these extreme luxuries are not available to economy travelers…hot tub in coach?? I think not. And soon more is to come. Think Casinos, restaurants, bars….like I said, it’s living in the air. No longer will people travel to Vegas for a few days of gambling, fine dining and famous shows, they will book a large airliner to experience all of that, all while they have the best views possible and travel to new places.

What will the collectibles be 100 years from now? Food for thought.


What are Aviation Collectibles?

While many of our readers are avid collectors and very familiar with the value aviation collectibles, both monetary and in memory, some of you may be wondering what are aviation collectibles and memorabilia. From private collections, to hobbyist collections, to specific genres, aviation items share a part of history as we know it.

We would like to give you a little look into exactly what that is. The collectibles and memorabilia in the Aviation industry are expansive and represent the beginning of flight history. Collectibles may differ depending on the focus – commercial aviation, military, etc.

From the start of the WrightBrother’s embarking on their first flight, to the beginning of the passenger aviation service (1914), people have been collecting.  What have they been collecting you may ask- Everything from fine china to menus, to aviation equipment.

In the beginning years of flight, passengers were offered meals served on fine china, eaten with nice silverware, hydrated with sturdy glassware, and presented on menus. Menus stamped with the airline name or logo, as well as China and glassware made by very well known and reputable companies. Airline China was made lighter weight than the traditional household China. Not only was it lighter, it was also labeled by the airline with in which one traveled.  This being said, these pieces of China, glassware, and even menus are collectibles today.

Think beyond just dining on an aircraft. Think other onboard items, such as blankets, safety kits, ashtrays (when smoking on an aircraft was allowed), playing cards, cigarette lighters, magazines, fabrics from seats, stickers, wings (remember those wing broaches they used to have), and manuals. These items, much of what we see today have become the collectibles of yesteryear. The beginning of flight history set into motion a transformation of how people traveled. Collector’s today hold onto these items or seek these items because they were the beginning, and the continuous growth of how the aviation industry has transformed travel and so much more.

Now let’s take a look beyond the passenger items or onboard aircraft collector’s items.

Aviation Equipment. Any equipment used by airline staff. Emergency life vest, uniforms, badges, and in air equipment. The different positions, pilot to stewardess and ground staff, had different uniforms, name tags, etc. These are all collectibles today.

A few more randoms just to name a few…….

Post cards, calendars, mini models of aircraft, and other promotional/advertising items.

And of course there are the actual full aircraft carriers. A lot more rare, and a lot more expensive original, most in famous museums.

The Aviation Industry is a plays a huge role in history. Aspects from the first ashtray, to the wings that you were once given as a passenger are collections of this history.