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Why Collect?

Collection is not understood by all. Often times people ask me why I am so adamant about collecting police and aviation patches. My answer for people is pretty simple, there will never be another one just like it again. Most of the patches in my collection will never be created again, and are symbols of a previous era. They represent different times in history and different eras in aviation.

Collectibles are more than material objects, they are time periods that are now solidified in an object. For many, there patches bring them back to a certain time in history or a different point in their life. For younger generations they are symbols of a previous time and invoke excitement and interest.

Beyond what collectibles represent, there is the simple joy of hunting down hard to find collectibles. For me, collecting police and aviation memorabilia has become a life long adventure. Long drives across the country to find hard to locate patches at shows and with soon to become friends. Collecting brings like minded people together, and I have met many good friends through my travels. My collection has expanded over the years, but most importantly so has my friendships.

Whether it is the love of history, the journey to find rare collectibles, or the enjoyment of meeting similar people, there is something to love about collecting.

Tell me what you like about collecting below.